Taking Papers For A Walk

Many teachers reading this title already know exactly what I’m talking about.  You take that big stack of papers that you need to grade home with you, reluctantly, because it just has to get done and you’re way behind.  But no matter how seriously you try to get to it, no matter how incessantly those papers stay on your mind, nagging at your dwindling sanity like some kind of stationery tell-tale heart, you end up carrying the exact same stack back with you to work, with not a single one done. 

I’ve gotten to the point, though, that when I do this, I can at least assuage my tortured conscience with the delusion that I’m purposely doing it for the health of the stack of papers, as if I’m a skilled caregiver.  The Proper Care and Feeding of Papers:

Papers are fairly low maintenance, needing no food and even less water, asking only that they be marked with a bit of red ink eventually.  However, papers like a bit of fresh air and sunshine, and should periodically be taken for a walk.  A nice car ride, a round trip to the teacher’s house, is always a welcome treat for a stack of student papers which have been neglected so far and are not likely to get any other kind of loving attention any time soon. 

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