A Polygamous Reader Am I

Today I apologized to a colleague for not having feedback yet about a book she’d enthused about to me a month ago and which I’d started reading.  I explained that I was only halfway done as my scant reading time gets split between several other books also, as I’m usually in the middle of multiple books at once.  I added that I’ve even started and finished a couple of other books entirely since starting hers. 

She replied that she couldn’t do that, needing to stick with one book beginning to end until it’s done.  I silently applauded her for her mental monogamy.

Not me, though.  I’ve always lacked the discipline to remain faithful to any one book, no matter how much time I’ve already invested in it.  If another book comes my way and attracts my interest, I have to have that one, too.  I think I do pretty well at juggling all of these serial interactions, keeping various plots in the air at any given time. 

It’s probably best not to read too much into this…

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