A Prophetic Institute Teacher

I started college in the Fall of 1996, and enrolled in an Institute of Religion class.  I remember one day we got into a discussion that involved the Church’s Proclamation on the Family.  At the time, the proclamation was only a year old, and not yet as well known throughout the Church as it is today. 

During the discussion, our teacher said something that I’ve never forgotten.  He told us that someday, not too long in the future, the Mormons would be the main champions of the family in our society, almost standing alone in defense of that basic social unit. 

At the time, I thought that was crazy.  What could possibly happen that would turn much of society against not only us, but the universal, traditional family unit?  Sure, the nuclear family was already becoming rarer at the time, and what were already being mocked as “family values” were constantly under assault, but to me such things seemed like the sniping of fringe outsiders at an institution they couldn’t ever hope to fundamentally damage. 

A mere fourteen years bears witness to tremendous shifts in attitude in America, and my “crazy” Institute teacher seems more prophetic with each passing day. 

I don’t know just how hostile the rest of society will get towards those of us who cherish and try to maintain a nuclear family as well as we can, but there is definitely anger out there about it, and I’m grateful to all those, in and out of my faith, who stand together to safeguard those relationships that make families and society exist and work the best that they can.

One comment on “A Prophetic Institute Teacher

  1. I support your family values,however I may be a bit unique in doing so in this society. I belive that may also involve limiting the number of children we bring into this world. It would benefit all peoples to think about values and goals for any unborn children. Children are costly in time and money. Children deserve the security of a loving family,an education,a home and food and appropriate entertainment. They should not have to struggle for any of the basics.Which means those of us who are grandparents should not pressure our sons and daughters to provide us with grandchildren they are not willing to make these sacrifices for.We need to set examples and discuss this with each generation. Including the information that the primary caregivers should be the parents,not society. Of course many people have periods of problems in their lives ,whereby family and society can be of help,but never should it be taken as a permanant arrangement. The size of the family is not as important as the strength of the family.
    As I age and enjoy my children and grandchildren,I cannot believe there are people who actually choose not to live their lives in a family environment.Ialso believe, God is so much wiser than I, and allows us the free will to make many moral decisions in our lives that do not always mirror those of other people,those who choose not to have a family,so I do not judge. There is nothing sadder than a broken family,I have seen to many in my lifetime. Many are caused by not knowing what sacrifices are involved in commitment and raising children,and it is getting worse as I look around ,just my neighborhood.Financial pressures are taking their toll on families. One has to ask the question,why are material things having this impact. This ,my clear thinking friend ,is another reason that family is breaking down and this is what the churches should be concentrating on. It is important that we as Christians evaluate and strenghten values rather than providing so many things.

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