Two Bad Ads

This ad campaign that Target rolls out for their holiday specials (apparently an annual tradition, now) is baffling.  It stars a woman so perky, so artificially coiffed to perfection, and sporting a perpetual smile so falsely plastered across a face strained tight with the effort of being an obsessive yuppie, that nobody could possibly identify with her. 

People who are not like this will resent her, and people who are like this will refuse to see themselves in the character.  Someone who’s materialistic to the point of openly hyperventilating about it (as in the example below) is not someone anyone wants to follow.  Remember those “open, open, open” ads that Mervyn’s did about twenty years ago?  Those appeals to commercialism worked because the women in them were normal people who viewers could relate to.  This Target spokeszombie, however, is a shallow stereotype that can only repel potential customers. 

Flo the Progressive Girl she is not.  Who the heck is giving Target positive feedback about this travesty?  Wal Mart? 

Speaking of misdirected ad campaigns, these new ads for the Toyota Highlander are likewise blatantly pointless.  The ads feature a precocious tot who laconically rants to the camera about how awfully lame his parents (and their vehicles) are, and who then sings the praises of the new Toyota Highlander, which he deems cool, indulging in the SUV’s technological doodads (TV screens and, apparently, hip hop music). 

What’s the message here?  Buy this vehicle so your spoiled, snot-nosed brats will like you?  Who is this supposed to appeal to?  Spineless parents desperate to impress small children with whom they have no real relationship?  Not exactly a promoter of family values, this ad campaign. 

And in the spot below, another mistake is made.  “Angel of the Morning” is a really good song. 

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