Capital City of a Fallen World

Las Vegas revels in its nickname of “Sin City,” as it’s good for business these days, but that does, shall we say, have its down side. 

In the last week in Las Vegas:

  • An Air Force officer was shot in the back and killed outside his home.  His wife had her boyfriend do it so she could get the insurance money. 
  • Two young women were arrested for beating a 95-year-old woman to death so they could steal her purse and get money to bail a boyfriend out of jail. 
  • A 15-year-old girl was murdered in her home in the middle of the night when a drug-crazed home invader came looking for her father, who owed the attacker a drug debt. 

Here’s the girl’s picture:

Any one of those stories would be enough to seriously depress anyone.  But three in a week? 

While I’m recounting bad news that’s been on my mind, it’s been a bad year for teachers and students here in the valley.  In the last three months or so:

  • A middle school teacher was murdered behind a grocery store by her estranged husband.
  • A high school teacher was beaten to death while walking to work by a group of young people on a crime spree, looking for fun.
  • A high school music teacher was arrested for having sex with a student in a closet at his home. 
  • An elementary school principal was arrested for possession of methamphetamines
  • A high school teacher shot and killed himself on campus. 

I don’t think it’s being too sensitive to let this much tragedy get to you.  Students often seem confused why I seem to enjoy dark humor so much.  Can we say “defense mechanism,” boys and girls?

Merry Christmas, right?

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