Why I Blog

There are four main things that keep me going here.  In order of their importance to me:

1.  Journaling.  I began this blog primarily as a novel way to juice up my journaling habit.  Though I rarely include here the kind of overtly personal information we associate with journals, I usually do write about things that are related to my life, and events that are important to me at the time.  Looking back over my entries, this has really been a very effective way to chronicle my own history. 

2.  The Joy of Composition.  The popularity of blogging has dropped in general because it’s a lot of work.  For me, it’s never been a chore.  I love trying to form the perfect combination of words to present an idea and get it across clearly and memorably.  Blogging is a stress-relief hobby; the very act of writing is fun for me, whether or not it reaches anybody else’s eyes, though I do enjoy having an appreciative audience.  Which leads to my next reason:

3.  The Great ConversationI’m a huge believer in the power and importance of intelligent discourse.  So much of our society’s cultural interaction has devolved into smarmy sound bites, that even attempting to participate in a worthwhile exchange of ideas has become, in itself, a profoundly rewarding enterprise.  Call me romantic, and maybe I’m tilting at windmills here, but I seriously believe that my dithering here has the potential to make part of my little corner of the world a better place.

4.  The Hope of Success.  I just said that I enjoy writing here for its own sake, but interaction with the larger electronic world of ideas is icing on the cake.  Not only do I like seeing my work appreciated and used by others, but, I admit, a little part of me hopes that somehow, someday, I’ll look back on some fabulously significant writing career and say, “And none of it would have happened were it not for that little blog in my 30’s.”  Remember at the beginning of Wayne’s World, when he tells the camera about how he’s satisfied with his average life as it is, but he says what he’d really like is to be able to do his amateur TV show for a living?  I can relate.

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