The Sermon on the Mount and the Temple Endowment

This week’s gospel doctrine lesson for Sunday School is about the Sermon on the Mount.  Discussing this magnificent discourse always reminds me of one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in studying the scriptures. 

I once came across a video on the FARMS web site where John W. Welch discussed his research into the Sermon on the Mount as compared to the Sermon at the Temple in the Book of Mormon’s 3 Nephi.  What Welch’s work showed clearly and in a way that shed light on everything involved was simply this: this sermon is the endowment.  In fact, despite the many obvious parallels throughout the standard works, this is by far the most complete and detailed reference to the endowment to be found in the scriptures. 

That video doesn’t seem to be up anymore, but the text of the book it was based on is available here

I read this at a time when I hadn’t seen anything that really opened up the scriptures to me in a while, and I actually worried that I had already come across all the really major scripture studies I’d ever see.  The discovery of Welch’s temple sermon study was a huge relief, and I’ve tried never to make such a foolish assumption about the exhaustibility of scripture since.

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