Hello, New Friends!

A lot of new people are reading today.  Welcome to you all!  Please browse through these ten posts, some of my favorite about politics and policy, mostly from the last year or so. 

The Atlas Shrugged Quote Book—a collection of my favorite quotes from this seminal novel

The Problem With Throwing Money at Problems—a big flaw in liberal logic

The Hypocrisy of Bleeding Heart Teachers—a conservative public school teacher’s view of the petty Wisconsin protests

Display an American Flag on Cinco de Mayo—an idea to overcome politically correct ethnic segregation and unite in our identity as patriots

Rules By Which a Free Republic May Be Reduced To a Socialist One—a parody of a Benjamin Franklin essay, showing just how much our modern elite rulers resemble those we broke away from

I’ll Make This Simple: Homer = Democrats—“You think you can use The Simpsons to back up your liberal agenda?  Not on my watch, bub.”

Why Don’t Illegal Alien Sympathizers Love Mexico?—another flaw in liberal logic

Grade Day of Reckoning—two graphics illustrate the futility of our anemic public education system

Is Harry Reid Secretly a Conservative Saboteur?—a tongue-in-cheek theory about nobody’s favorite senator

The Great Grade Bailout—a satire combining a criticism of our public schools, economic cluelessness, and society’s growing irresponsibility


Note: Wednesday will be this blog’s third anniversary.  Thanks to everybody who reads and keeps us growing!

One comment on “Hello, New Friends!

  1. Wow, I’m liking this blog more as it keeps getting better. Thanks for this. Don’t worry about your critics. They consider themselves better than everyone else and have a pride complex that will keep them ignorant of mind and twisted of heart compared to the greatness of America. You know, that place they feign love for, but continually kick and accuse. I just wish they would finally move to Cuba or Palestine where their true “friends” reside.

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