Teach Me About Citizenship

I haven’t blogged about the Man Scout Project in forever, because it’s been so slow–last year, I only made time to work on it in the Spring and Summer.  Without going over all the activities I’ve done, right now I’ve done everything for tenderfoot and second class, and I’m finishing up first class. 

One of the requirements I still have for that is #5:

Visit and discuss with a selected individual approved by your leader (elected official, judge, attorney, civil servant, principal, teacher) your constitutional rights and obligations as a U.S. citizen.

So, I’m appealing to the online community for help with this one.  What are your thoughts about our rights and responsibilities as citizens?  I’m happy to hear all ideas here, including those that might be based on political values different from my own: I won’t be criticizing them here, just thanking you for your help.  If you think you have any special background or experience to support your comments, please explain. 

The forum is now open.

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