Best of the 60s Girl Groups

On a recent family road trip, we brought along a CD I got from the library called The Best of The Girl Groups, Volume 1.  It’s a collection of popular songs from the early 60s, and a lot of these songs will instantly ring a bell for anybody.  What surprised me was that, as familiar as these songs are from nearly a half century of pop culture references now, I’ve never actually heard most of these songs in their original, entire forms.  They’re terrific listening, and were a big hit with the whole family.  These are all definitely required enjoying for music lovers. 

Some highlights:

My six-year-old daughter sang this song as “Goin to the temple, and we’re gonna get married.”  Pretty cute, eh? 

Incidentally, the same group that sings “Chapel of Love,” The Dixie Cups, also did the first major version of “Iko Iko,” which I really like.  This song is probably more familiar to us from the cover done by The Belle Stars in the 1980s movie Rain Man, but the original has an “unplugged” quality that really works, and whose popularity surprises me–this doesn’t sound like an especially commercial song, but it’s very catchy, isn’t it? 

Anyway, back to the girl groups CD:

There’s a volume 2 of the Girl Groups CD, which starts off with this classic:

Which reminds me of the show American Dreams.  That was a pretty good show, wasn’t it?

And though it isn’t on either CD, listening to these made me want to hear this:

We often make fun of the new “boy bands” that pop up every 5-10 years to keep capitalizing on The Beatles’ legacy, but I didn’t realize until thinking about these songs just how enduring the girl group formula has been, too.  Still, I’d rather have my kids listen to these groups than the Spice Girls! 


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