Reviewed: Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Here’s a cute 1927 silent film by the same German director who made Nosferatu.  In it, a young country couple are torn apart as the husband is seduced by a woman from the city, who convinces him to kill his wife.  The young man can’t quite do it, however, and the film traces the path the estranged spouses take to fall in love again. 

Now, this is all fine and good but, despite the film’s undeniable quality, it bothered me and I didn’t buy the story.  This is a romance where a young husband spends the film shyly winning over the heart of his beloved again…after he comes within moments of murdering her with his bare hands.  Is nobody else turned off by this? 

Look, I can understand a woman wanting to give her family a second chance, but if a guy is only inches away from strangling you and throwing your body in a lake, I’ve got to think that it’s a deal breaker.  Any subsequent tomfoolery and lighthearted twitterpation is going to ring a little hollow. 

But if you can get past that, it is a cute movie–the girl looks like Drew Barrymore and there’s a scene where the couple rekindles their affection by watching someone else’s wedding, which reminded me of a similar scene in Independence Day

But, really, the breezy dismissal of some pretty serious domestic violence here kind of weirded me out. 


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