Ron Paul Protest Vote in Nevada Caucus?

The Nevada GOP caucus is Saturday.  Here’s an idea I’ve been toying with:

Mitt Romney will win.  It won’t even be close–he won 51% of the vote here in the 2008 caucus.

Like a lot of conservatives, I’m a little torn between Romney and Paul.  But since it’s a sure thing that Romney will win here, what if we all decided to vote for Ron Paul just to send a message to Romney?

A strong second place showing here for Paul would tell Romney that we’re serious about cutting government size and spending, and that liberal overuse of the military–by both parties–needs to be kept in check.

Could this backfire and actually make Paul win?  Not likely.  How many people will actually see this and respond to it in the next few days?  Besides, even if Paul did win here, Romney would still be by far the most successful candidate nationwide–the nomination’s as good as his.  Like him or not, we all just need to prepare to vote for him in November.

But if we give Ron Paul a strong showing on Saturday, perhaps we could help ensure that Romney governs more conservatively.

2 comments on “Ron Paul Protest Vote in Nevada Caucus?

  1. I’ve already been preparing my speech in Paul’s favor for my caucus. I’m for absolutely everything he stands for. Everything he says makes sense and would work. Sure it’s drastic and no politician has had the guts to do it but drastic is what our country needs – the same ole’ same ole’ aint working! If people truly wanted what’s best for this country, they would vote for Ron Paul anyway!

  2. Tiffany, reminds me of what a friend said about another election recently: when liberals called her “extreme,” my friend said, “I hope so! We need someone extreme to fix this mess.” Good call.

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