Everything About The Book of Mormon

Here’s everything significant I’ve ever written here about the Book of Mormon:


1 Nephi

Recommended: Jeremiah

In Nephi’s Vision, Who’s Talking When?

Nephi Really Loves the Bible!


2 Nephi

Why 2 Nephi Is My Favorite Part Of The Book Of Mormon

Read This, Then 2 Nephi 3

The Psalm of Nephi: Strength and Peace Through God’s Love

The Nephi Complex

Illustrating Jacob’s Explanation of the Atonement

“Truth comes from the earth”



Jacob’s Temple Sermon



200 Years For Three Generations

Book Of Mormon In New York Times Crossword!



The Complicated Book of Mosiah

Testifying of Testimonies

Spoiled Brats

The Relationship Between Discipleship and Love

King Benjamin On Happiness

Is Mosiah 7:29 A Reference To 2 Nephi 4:33?

A Book of Mormon Verse Endorsing Welfare

Who Was Abinadi?



Sacrament Talk: Pioneer Faith Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Answering Alma’s Questions

Linguistic Links Unlock Alma 13

Missionary Reality Check

The Book of Mormon and Agnostic Prayer

The “Gift” Of Faith

A Book of Mormon Story About Refugees



A Homily on Helaman: Choosing Faithfulness in a Changing Church Culture

Chiasmus in Helaman 13:29-39

Ayn Rand and the Book of Mormon


3 Nephi

The Sermon on the Mount and the Temple Endowment

On America’s Future

Jesus Christ Teaches Us How To Minister

Parsing The Longest Sentence In The Book of Mormon

Ironic Rhetoric Advances the Book of Mormon’s Thesis

A Picture For A Great Book of Mormon Verse

Notes On The Ministry And Character Of Jesus Christ



A Timeline for the Book of Ether

The Mysterious Religion of the Jaredites

A Nephite / Jaredite Parallel? 

The Book of Ether and “The Power Cycle”



When Did Mormon Give the Sermon in Moroni ch. 7?

“Let Us Labor Diligently”


Whole Book

The Book of Mormon as Clickbait: 10 Awesome Examples That Will Totally Blow Your Mind Forever!

Catholic Scholar at First Things Gives Book of Mormon Backhanded Praise

Explaining the Book of Mormon

The Condensed Book of Mormon, In 15 Verses

The Exodus Pattern In Scripture And History

An Important Book About the Book of Mormon

Towards a Book of Mormon Study Edition

9 Book of Mormon Insights Into Human Nature

7 Things Tolstoy and Mormon Have In Common


Apologetics / Evidence

God’s Gift to Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics

The “Racist” Book of Mormon

Top 10 Book of Mormon Evidences

The Moon Landing and The Book of Mormon As Hoaxes?

Volcanoes and Lightning

The Book of Mormon and Gulliver’s Travels As Hoaxes

Ironic: Current Anti-Mormons Just Copying Anti-Mormons in Book of Mormon

Defending Internal Book of Mormon Evidence: The Lesson of Proto-Indo-European

Book of Mormon Birthers

The Secret Book of Mormon

A Silly Test of Book of Mormon Authorship

The Book of Mormon and Female Scandinavian Olympians

The Beautiful Book of Mormon

Conversation With A Fanatical Anti-Mormon


Faith and Teachings

Lehi, King Benjamin, and President Monson On Why We Follow the Prophet

Spiritual Lessons From Difficult People

The Book Of Mormon and the Heart On the Window

Death and Perspective

Worshipping Through Prayer, Singing, and Fasting

I Give A Morningside At Seminary

Disciples Of Jesus Christ Are Ministers

On The Virtue Of A Soft Heart, Despite Discouragement

Ten Conservative Principles Endorsed By The Book Of Mormon

William Faulkner and the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon Loves the Bible and Leads Us Back To It

My Conversion Story

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