Four Best Places For Your Charitable Giving

We all have things we care about.  We all know of needs we want to help fill.  Likely, we all get frustrated because we just don’t have the resources to do all we want to do.

May I suggest that, if you’re reading this, you would care about the following things, and if more people would focus their charitable donations on these, a great difference for the better could be made.

I’ll propose what I find to be the needs that are the most worthy in the realms of politics, religion & literacy, and living well.


In politics, we live in an era where perhaps the greatest political need has arisen from the emergence of a new Puritan class of righteous elites, who set our cultural guidelines and persecute those who dare dissent.  This is a time of stifling conformity, paired with punishment for any who refuse to worship at the right altar.

Free speech is dying.

You might suggest that the physical threat of terrorism, or the more domestic threat of unsustainable debt, for example, are more dangerous than the almost existential desire for free speech.

You would be wrong.  While other issues have massive consequences which can be seen easily, the cowing of individuals portends even more damage in the long run.

That’s why freedom of speech is in the first amendment.  It’s a priority.  If it falls, no other social or political victory will long endure or matter at all.

The best battleground on which to wage this war is Mark Steyn’s fight against censorship.  Steyn triumphed in a previous battle against a “human rights” tribunal in Canada which wanted to stop him from expressing opinions.  Now, a “climate change” huckster who has been all but excommunicated from the scientific community is spending years dragging Steyn through the courts again, trying to silence him for some spurious charge of defamation.

It’s a politicized fraud whose existence should be an embarrassment to all lovers of freedom–this is nothing short of an attempt to force someone into silence–and ruin him, to boot–for the crime of making arguments to the contrary of the party line.  Such narrow mindedness cannot be tolerated.

Please support Mark Steyn.  Buy his new book, which will entertain you as it makes case after case for common sense in a world gone mad.  Makes a great Christmas gift!




My next promotion covers religion, literacy, and education.  Sadly, far too many people today would see those as strangers, if not opposites, ignorant of history as they are.

After the wonderful Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies–an apologetic outfit under the umbrella of Brigham Young University–was upended in a coup by cultural liberals two years ago, a noble army of Mormon Jesuits that had inspired and illuminated a generation (including yours truly) were chased away and replaced by an entity that now tends to produce predictable leftist fan fiction.

Luckily, the surviving scholar-warriors of the original organization have regrouped and formed the Interpreter Foundation, whose flagship publication–the Mormon Interpreter–has already done immeasurable good for the minds and spirits of the world.

Check out this update from the founder for an impressive list of accomplishments.

If you would foster real scholarship, as well as serious literary merit and profound Christian discipleship, please donate to the Interpreter Foundation.




I’ve saved the most important for last.

I work in a school district where a year never passes in which any number of student organizations *don’t* sponsor endless fundraisers for AIDS.  After all these years, it’s still the trendy cause du jour for artsy, angsty youth.

Which simply does not compute.  While AIDS is serious and deserving of attention, it is just not as bad as too many other more desperate needs.  Infection rates are not now–nor were they ever–at epidemic levels, and treatment for it is much better than for many other conditions.

Some people may have a personal or cultural attachment to helping AIDS, but when people contribute their time and money based on those things, we end up with split resources and very little getting done.  We can pick away at AIDS, and animal abuse, and pollution, and an endless list of other items, and feel good about ourselves, and get very little accomplished…or we could settle on one, focus on it, and destroy it.

So consider this: what condition afflicts the greatest number of people, doing the most painful and lethal damage, and affects the most innocent sufferers?  What disease hurts the most, and does that hurt to people who are by far the least able to prevent or resist it?

This has to be a no-brainer.  It’s childhood cancer.

Please, let’s unite to take care of this need first, now.

There are many great charities out there (and some less reputable ones), but the two that seem to be doing the most good, with the most potential for further success with our help, are St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Please, if you’re going to help anyone, help them.  Other donations might be worthy, but these will comfort and even save children who are going through some of the worst hell there is on Earth.



In summary:

Politics: Protect free speech

Mark Steyn legal defense

Literacy, education, and religion: Support solid, discipleship-focused research

The Interpreter Foundation

Living Well: Fight childhood cancer

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Alex’s Lemonade Stand


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