Mormon Upanishads: General Conference

A few years ago I read a collection of great Hindu scripture called upanishads, a word which means “an instruction, the sitting at the feet of a master.” I love the idea of canonizing and revering such wisdom–that’s a whole way of life in itself. The cartoons here illustrate a cliché, but we do actually get to live this cliché in real life; we get to hear our own upanishads today: General Conference is this weekend.

'Yes, I can tell you the meaning of life, but then I would have to kill you.'

'You know, it's a lot easier to just follow me on twitter.'

One comment on “Mormon Upanishads: General Conference

  1. It is written in more than a few hindu commentaries on the vedas, yogas, etc. that in order to gain a true understanding of the truths imparted one must find a living teacher who has experienced the truth of these and become his pupil. Transmission of the word of God by a sage is vital as one must observe not just the teachings but the example of the teacher in order to gain a true understanding.

    Truth can be found in some very out-of-the-way venues.

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