April 2017 General Conference–Annotated

This post will be updated frequently throughout the weekend with my notes on General Conference.


President Eyring–The Gathering of God’s Family

  • “~The love that comes closest to the love we felt in the pre-existence: parental love~”
  • Testifies of the reality of Elijah’s visit
  • Encouraged to learn the lives and personalities of ancestors
  • Prioritize time for family history work–“wear tennis shoes” and run faster to get more done! :)
  • Technology like computers exists to facilitate this work
  • But technology is no substitute for revelation!

M. Joseph Brough (YM 2nd)–Heavenly Father’s “Care Package” For Us

  • I like the idea of our whole way of life as a “care package” full of blessings.
  • commandments,”I found peace in seeking Heavenly Father’s will,” priesthood leaders, ultimate gift is in John 3:16
  • Repentance is a gift!
  • Be with the youth, connect youth with Heaven, “The time must come when each must stand alone,” let the youth lead

Elder Clayton (70)–The Plan of Salvation, Happiness, and Love

  • Pillars of eternity reference–thanks BRM!
  • Summary of Savior’s ministry–“went about doing good”
  • D&C 19 as an example of love–yes!!!
  • “We all must graduate from this mortal body to achieve our eternal rewards”
  • Quotes from the Living Christ
  • Invitation: each day, come unto Christ…Moroni 10:32

* Dale G. Renlund (12)–Kindness to Those Who Sin

  • Hate the sin, love the sinner!
  • Les Mis reference!
  • Sin is a disease that needs care and compassion
  • Empathy for others is the big theme here
  • “encourage to reform” :)
  • NOT open-minded about sin / salvation IN sin vs. FROM sin…Alma and Zeezrom
  • “~the repenting sinner draws closer to God than the self-righteous sinner who condemns him~”

Ulisses Soares (Pres of 70)–Faith As Trust

  • Great use of King Limhi story from Mosiah
  • Today’s theme: using spiritual summaries of Savior’s ministry to illustrate doctrinal and motivational points?
  • “rooted in steadfast trust in God” leads to burden, loss of motivation
  • “serve with all your heart, regardless of complex situations of life”

Elder Bragg (70)–Turn To The Light

  • Compassion, forgiveness, gratitude–Cameron
  • Where to always find light: 1. Light of the Church (some great straight talk here), 2. Light of the Gospel (second speaker to reference temple work for ancestors!), 3. The Light of Christ!

* President Nelson–How To Draw In the Power of Jesus Christ

  • Learn about Him! Knowing about the ministry and mission –> doctrine –> power for our lives
  • We must emphasize the SAVIOR in the Atonement. There is nothing to the Atonement without Him.
  • I knew this would be about the scriptures, but this is even more than I could have hoped for!
  • “~Nothing easy or automatic about becoming disciples. Must be rigorous!~”
  • RIVETED! Great word!
  • “Diligent, focused effort”
  • Two talks in a row use paintings as visual aids!


SATURDAY AFTERNOON (after soccer!)

* Elder Hales

Elder Holland

Elder Cordon (70)–The Language of the Gospel

  • Language of the gospel: 1. Be more diligent and concerned at home (gospel teaching in families), 2. Strong modeling in the home, 3. Righteous traditions
  • Transmitting the gospel to our children is like preserving your ancestral language with them–immersion is needed!
  • One of the best parenting talks I’ve ever heard.
  • “Embrace his language, even until we become fluent.”

Elder Anderson (12)–Overcoming the World

  • Another great summary of Christ’s life as an illustration for how we should live!
  • Eulogy for Bruce D. Porter
  • Don’t excuse, but be patient. Generously help.

* Elder Ballard (12)–The Most Important Goal

  • Perfect example is Heavenly Father–the plan of salvation
  • Establish our own plans in the framework of our HF plan
  • Goal: return and receive!
  • Find time to review your life’s goals and plans–align with God’s!
  • Study The Living Christ and the Family Proclamation together.



* Pres. Monson–Charity
  • Mormon and Elder Wirthlin re: charity. D&C 121. Examine our lives and follow His example.
Elder Bednar–Missionary Work
  • Called to SERVE, not to a place.
  • Study call to Burnett in D&C.
  • Steps: priesthood, temple, mission
  • “Learn to love being and remaining worthy”
Gerald Cause — Relationship between the two priesthoods
  • Aaronic prepares
  • Be someone your bishop can totally rely on.
  • No one should feel left out or useless
  • MP: strengthen the link between the two priesthoods
President Uchtdorf — Honor in Service
  • Not about our feelings or entitlent
  • Don’t seek rewards, do it quietly
  • Don’t take yourself so darn seriously!
  • Clean up after the horses joyfully
  • Meditate, understand, lift
President Eyring — Power in the Priesthood
  • Great stories!
  • 1.God notices and recognizes anyone, even newest deacon
  • 2. God’s work isn’t to solve problems, it’s to build people
  • 3. Walking with the Savior in priesthood service will change how you see others.



* Pres. Monson–Book of Mormon

  • Testimony of the truth and importance of the Book of Mormon
  • Study the Book of Mormon daily

Joy D. Jones (Prim. Pres.)–Protecting Children

  • Doctrines to teach children
  • “patterns of personal, daily discipleship”

Elder Choi (70)–Eternal Family

  • Clever talk, with generous illustrations!

* Elder Rasband (12)–The Holy Ghost

  • Strive to live worthy of the Spirit
  • FEEL the words
  • Act on the FIRST prompting–I need to work on this. “listen to the first promptings” quote
  • In morning prayer, let God know that we’re ready

Elder Clayton (70)–Faithfulness

  • Mary as an example
  • Examples of obedience to principles even without all answers
  • “thoughtful confidence in the perfect love and the perfect timing of the Lord”

Elder Oaks (12)–The Godhead

  • Doctrinal exposition
  • Pretty deep 1909 1st Pres. references
  • “Be converted…become something”

* President Uchtdorf–Overcoming fear

  • A solid D&C 121 talk!
  • Another theme this weekend: God wants to change our hearts
  • Wouldn’t trade living in this time for any other time in the history of the world! YES!
  • One of the best motivational talks ever! Uplifting



Elder Christofferson (12)–Sin and Warning

  • Solid Ezekiel summary–review this!

Elder Costa (70)–Empathy for Investigators

  • Great stories of learning about and applying the Book of Mormon to our lives.

Elder Palmer (70)–Love

  • “It was my heart as well.”
  • Review Mark 10
  • 1. Learn to see others as the Lord sees them 2. No teaching or learning will ever be done in anger 3. Love should never be withdrawn when someone fails to live up to our expectations 4. Because he loves us, the Lord expects much of us

Elder Stevenson (12)–The Holy Ghost

  • Reviews facts about HG
  • Examples of HG’s roles

Elder Grow (70)–Discipleship

  • Not the first BRM reference in this conference, or even to the same talk!
  • Good job of collating lots of other thoughts here.
  • Love the Neal A. Maxwell reference!

Elder de Hoyos (70)

  • “The new teacher council meeting is a chance to rise and shine”

Elder Cook (12)

  • Gladwell on the 10000 hour rule–apply to discipleship
  • “The foundations of faith… should be the great desire of our hearts.”

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