New Listenings

Here’s some great stuff that I’ve heard recently:

This piece just reminded me that no matter how much classical music I listen to, there will always be more to discover that will simply dazzle me. It’s a great big wonderful world out there, and this lusciously moving track carries a feeling that doesn’t soon fade. I need to get more into Dvorak.


A student recommended this one, and it’s great, isn’t it? Lots to pick apart in here.

This live channel has accompanied the grading of papers and such work lately. There are similar channels by the same account that are just as good. I’ve used these at home, too, when kids are doing homework.


This performance also accompanied some family homework-and-such time this week. It was well received by all. My eight-year-old son in particular asked about it. The pianist really seems to be into it, doesn’t she?


This is just really cool, isn’t it? Honestly, until Stranger Things aired, I didn’t realize just how distinct that 80’s synth soundtrack sound was. Pretty iconic stuff. Worth emulating. Much nostalgia.

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