October 2017 General Conference Notes

This post will be updated throughout the weekend.



President Uchtdorf: The Light is Calling to You

  • We have an innate feeling pulling us towards God, like animals’ instincts to get home
  • God calls out to us, no matter what
  • Our life will be better if we answer the call
  • God will use us to make others’ lives better
  • A good description of the disciple’s life as the good life!
  • “Begin your own wonderful journey home.”
  • “Blessings don’t come from abilities as much as from choices.”
  • Even pioneer heroes were just human
  • The light of Christ…the talk comes full circle!
  • “No one else is responsible for your journey.”
  • “Reach out, encourage, heal…”
  • Life as a pilgrimage

Bonnie L. Oscarson (YW Pres): Service

  • Lose ourselves in service to find ourselves
  • Service is better in person than online
  • Some of our most significant service will be close to home: family and ward family
  • “What makes you think you go to mutual because of what YOU get out of it?”
  • “We are not just receivers and takers of what is offered at church…we are givers.”
  • [When we pull our heads into our shells, our world gets smaller]
  • “Who needs me today?”

Elder Oaks: Avoiding Worldliness on the Family

  • TSM: reject anything that does not conform to our standards
  • Family proc. is essential guidance for exaltation
  • “marriage standards of a declining world”(!)
  • TOO MUCH truth in this talk–amazing job laying down the law on the family!

Elder Pingree (70): Living to Make a Difference

  • We can all make a difference
  • 1. focus on others
  • 2. discover and develop spiritual gifts (“speaking and writing persuasively”)
  • 3. make use of adversity
  • 4. rely on God
  • “sin is perhaps our greatest stumbling block” Great stuff after this, too! Study!

Elder Christofferson: The Sacrament and the Atonement and Us

  • Sacrament and atoning grace
  • “beautiful symbolism”
  • Movement and progress through coming closer to Christ through sacrament/Atonement
  • Excellent story about a man’s dream and it’s inspiring aftermath in this talk! Review!

Elder Holland: Divine Love Blesses Us

  • Pursue personal improvement without becoming depressed
  • Sermon on the Mount is not a hammer, but a tribute to HF and what we can achieve with Him
  • Receive grace and salvation as a gift
  • Parable is about us, human family of sinners and debtors
  • Be a little more Godlike in little things
  • Tolstoy reference? Look it up.
  • We’re not hypocrites, we’re human



Elder Stevenson:

  • “Gospel glasses”
  • not blinders, but enhances vision
  • uses and abuses of tech

[fell asleep]

President Nelson: The Book of Mormon

  • How precious is the Book of Mormon?
  • References TSM’s last talk
  • lists as notes for scripture study…recommended!
  • Three GREAT questions to ponder!
  • Immersing ourselves in BoM can change life
  • …We’ll make better decisions every day
  • “Daily immerse yourself in the Book of Mormon”
  • “We must feel it so deeply we wouldn’t want to live even one day without it!”
  • uses names of McConkie’s Messiah series in testimony

[I saw the Priesthood session at home, but was busy with chores–it was in the background–I’ll have to review it later]


Jean Bingham (RS Pres): The Atonemnet

  • Refers back to Nelson and Ballard on “Living Christ” last conference–study!
  • Memorized “The Living Christ!”
  • Examples of the depth of the Atonement
  • Story of us as a lost and confused bird trapped in a house–clever
  • Becoming more Christlike–directions and inspiration
  • A very “Apostolic” talk! :) Loved it!

Elder Hallstrom (70): Faith and Miracles

  • Reminds me of the talk “But If Not”
  • “submit to His will and not be healed”
  • great examples of miracles to remember and be grateful for

Elder Bednar: Temple and Sabbath

  • “Escaping the Corruption That Is In the World”
  • References to New Testament and Fam Proc
  • Sabbath is a sacred time, set apart
  • Great scripture use in this talk–review them!

Bro. Waddell (2nd Pres. Bishopric):

  • Realize our divine destiny!
  • faith and patience in trials

Elder Zwick (70):

  • Look inward for godly qualities
  • reminders of living the gospel

President Eyring:

  • Another reference to TSM’s BoM talk! :)
  • Has read the BoM every day for 50 years, but the message was for him, too! :)
  • Great D&C 6 quote!
  • service stories
  • brings it back to the Book of Mormon–personal spiritual foundation for serving others like Christ



Elder Ballard:

  • Pioneer stories and example
  • Examine our own trek
  • keep the doctrine pure

Tad R. Callister!

  • Book of Mormon…awesome!!!!!

Elder Koch (70):

  • giving the benefit of the doubt
  • unity–this is a sweet talk

Elder Ellis (70):

[sounded good, but I was still processing and making notes on the last three talks and missed this one!]

Elder Parella (70):

  • 1. God calls prophets, seers, and revelators
  • 2. true nature of God
  • 3. Jesus is the Messiah

Elder Ardern (70):

  • testimony of the gospel and restored church!
  • beware of spiritual caterpillars
  • yet another warning against worldiness

Elder Alonso (70):

  • show our love to others

Elder Andersen:

  • study conference!
  • test for us is how we respond to this
  • super sweet and inspirational talk! Review quotes and..all of it!







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