40 For 40 Progress Report 2/12

A couple of days ago I finished my 2nd month of being 40. Of the 40 goals I have set for this year, I have successfully completed…three. There would be a fourth–doing sit-ups–but my consistency was spotty, and I decided to start over.

It’s frustrating to see such a big list with so little apparent progress, but in my notes I see that most of my goals have some work done. Last month, I had done something for fewer than half the goals. Now, there are only 17 that I haven’t started.

The biggest problem for me before was the one about Portuguese vocabulary–how exactly to do that and track it? I decided to use Duolingo at least every other day, and if I keep that up, that’ll count. Three weeks into that so far. Parabens! 

My biggest worry now is the one about running ten-milers 40 times. Seems a bit ambitious. I ran a solid 10k this week, but while that’s good, that’s still zero to check off for the goal. Can I really get better and do 40 of those in under 10 months now?

Note that #29–about service–has changed. The wording before was too ambiguous; I needed something simple and specific, so I could be sure of achieving it. I plan on doing 40 letters for Sunshine Snail Mail for this now.

I posted about some progress on one goal on Monday–another will pop up tomorrow. Thoreau talked about shooting for the moon, because even if you fall short, you’ll still be with the stars. That fits here: I may not get all these checked off, but wherever this all ends up, I’m in good shape, learning a lot, and having a fun and productive life! :)

    1. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover in 40 days
    2. Do some family history or temple work 40 times
    3. Read 40 articles about the Bible
    4. Talk to 40 people about the Book of Mormon
    5. Study 40 General Conference talks
    6. Make 40 positive contacts with students’ parents
    7. Track my meals and nutrition for 40 straight days
    8. No soda for 40 straight days
    9. No fast food for 40 straight days
    10. No sugary treats for 40 straight days
    11. No social media for 40 straight days
    12. No Netflix for 40 straight days
    13. Don’t buy anything unnecessary for 40 straight days
    14. Drink 40 oz. of water a day for 40 straight days Done 12/11
    15. Run ten miles 40 different times
    16. Do sit ups for 40 straight days
    17. Do 40 pushups in a set
    18. Take 40 relaxing baths
    19. Ride my bike 40 times
    20. Learn 40 new Portuguese words each month
    21. Sketch 40 new drawings
    22. Study 40 paintings
    23. Read 40 great books
    24. Listen to 40 new symphonies
    25. Listen to 40 new jazz and blues classics
    26. Listen to 40 great albums from my teenage years
    27. Learn 40 new chess moves
    28. Eat at 40 new places
    29. Send 40 encouraging cards
    30. Watch 40 classic Simpsons episodes
    31. Watch 40 episodes of The Twilight Zone
    32. Read Calvin & Hobbes comics every day for 40 days
    33. Pray every morning for 40 straight days Done 12/12
    34. Pray every evening for 40 straight days Done 12/12
    35. Give my wife 40 back rubs
    36. Watch 40 classic films with my children
    37. Wrestle with my kids 40 times
    38. Don’t say anything negative about anyone for 40 straight days
    39. Write 40 poems
    40. Write in my journal 40 times





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