4 Great New Places For Mexican Food

One of my goals for the year I’m 40 is to eat at 40 new places. I’ve done six so far, and the last four have all been Mexican places, because I love me some Mexican food.

1. Taqueria El Buen Pastor

I pass this truck on the commute to work all the time, but never stopped by until recently. I grabbed a couple of cheap tacos–two for under five bucks–and loved them! Service was fast and friendly, place was clean, and the tacos were excellent! They even have a full condiment bar on the side. Highly recommended!


2. Rivas Mexican Grill

I went to the one on Aliante and 215–great place! I tried a fish taco here for the first time, and was surprised at how much I liked it. Plenty more of these in my future. Highly recommended!


3. Frijoles and Frescas

My wife and I were at the mall and needing dinner, so we stopped at this new place. Decent prices, great food–definitely hit the spot. I had the loaded nachos, she had the salad. Both were excellent–filling and tasty, but not heavy. Recommended!


4. San Salvador restaurant

This is not really Mexican, as the name says, but I still wanted to try it. I pass this place on the commute between my two schools, but usually don’t have time to stop there–during finals week last month, though, I did. The sign out front emphasizes their pupusas, which are a corn tortilla filled with stuff like beans or cheese or pork. Since they’re a featured dish, and they were cheap, I tried some–they were pretty good, until I put some of the watery red salsa they gave me on them, and then they were great!

The main dish I got–some empanadas–came with a cabbage side. I hate cabbage, but tried it. Nice and spicy, not runny at all. If I were to ever eat a whole cabbage dish, this would be it. And the empanadas were decent.

Nice place–very quiet and dim and comfortable. Slow service, but friendly. Go try the pupusas.


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