Whatever Happened To Eric Coyle?

This spring marks 20 years since UNLV student Eric Coyle made national news when he took 64 credits in one semester, graduating with five degrees at once. I heard about it as I was a sophomore there at the time, and it made a big impression. I’ve told his story to many classes over the years, for motivation and perspective, but they always want a follow up that I can’t give–try as I might, I’ve never found anything else about him anywhere online.

The news reports at the time said that he’d be going to Georgetown for law school, but after that he basically disappears from public record. A Google search for “Eric Coyle lawyer” doesn’t bring up anything useful, and social media doesn’t provide any solid returns at all. His is a fantastic story, and I hope the last two decades have seen great joy and success for him, but I wish he’d pop up somewhere with an update. Eric, dude, where are you?

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