April 2018 General Conference Notes

Saturday Morning

Elder Ballard: Record in journal what you feel about today’s solemn assembly. Testimony of President Nelson’s calling. Urges us to sustain and follow. Faith is how we move forward. Also, gifts of sabbath day, sacrament, service, and our Savior. Vote for “honorable” people. Do not hesitate to run for public office if you desire. Some activities must always be at the heart of our membership. Lift and strengthen others. Visit and assist them. Answer questions and concerns in clear and kind ways. CHRISTLIKE SERVICE

Brian K. Taylor (70): [he tears up right away talking about how we’re all children of God.] The pedigree of your spirit can be written on a single line: you are a child of God. Teach children identity and purpose. Story of a girl’s tragedy, told to write and say “I am a child of God” ten times a day. She drew nearer to Christ and felt better. [Reaches out to young mothers especially.] Seek God and His beloved Son! [Beautiful testimony—review this talk!] IDENTITY AS A CHILD OF GOD

Larry Echo Hawk (70): Focuses on forgiveness. [2nd speaker in a row to tell story of a fatal car crash!] Learned to have a forgiving heart from the Prince of Peace. Are there people in our lives who have hurt us? Do we harbor “fully justified” feelings of anger? Forgive completely and let healing come from within. Follow the example of Jesus on the cross—“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” FORGIVENESS

Elder Stevenson: [Tells of his love for the prophets during his life.] 1. The passing of our prophet. 2. The time awaiting the reorganization of the new presidency. 3. The calling of a new prophet. 4. The sustaining and work of the new presidency. Details about President Nelson’s character. [Review the material about President Nelson’s teaching methods.] THE CALLING OF A PROPHET

Lynn G. Robbins (70): Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Why doesn’t the Lord give us success right away? 1. to give us experience. 2. to learn to know bitter from sweet. 3. the battle is the Lord’s  4. to learn Christlike attributes “I wanted to be on the same side as the students.” Repentance is the Lord’s plan for us to progress along the covenant path. The sacrament is not a license to sin. Not “going” from failure to failure but “growing.” BKP: “When we are through changing, we’re through.” Spiritual growth is as invisible as physical growth from day to day.  REPENTANCE

Elder Anderson: This assembly is everywhere in the world. The job of a prophet is to teach about Christ and lead us to Him. More details about President Nelson’s life. He is our watchman on the tower. [look up Ezekiel reference.] Elder Anderson’s wife went back and read all of Pres. Nelson’s conference talks from the past 34 years. [Some mighty fine cultural criticism in here!] Encourages us to follow the prophet, even if personal views are contrary to teachings. President Nelson: don’t put question marks after prophet’s teachings, put exclamations! FOLLOW THE PROPHET

Saturday Afternoon

Elder Bednar: Story of Jesus telling rich young man to keep commandments, consecrate. Compare that with Amulek. Why the difference? Example #2: Epistles between Moroni & Pahoran. Difference between tones. Example #3: Pres. Nelson’s response to Pres. Monson re: BoM reading. Also, Pres. Eyring’s response. What influenced their responses? …MEEKNESS, as the Savior even said of Himself. Righteous responsiveness, willingness, restraint. [review this great list of Christlike qualities!!!] Meekness is protection from worldly temptations. Increasingly and incrementally become more like him. A calm demeanor. What we become, not what we do. More great examples, esp. Jesus. MEEKNESS

Taylor G. Godoy (70): “One More Day” Story of Hezekiah’s extra time. How can sacrifice make our days meaningful and blessed? 1. It gives value to what we sacrifice for. 2. it results in blessings for all. 3. our sacrifices are small compared to that of Jesus. Sacrifice helps us desire to do better. [review this great list of Christlike actions!] SACRIFICE

Bonnie L. Oscarson: Story of being needed by extra responsibility as a youth. YW also have many important things they can and need to do for their wards. Youth as family history reps, and helping with ward council agendas. So many great ideas here! THE POWER OF YOUNG WOMEN

Taniela B. Wakolo (70): “Children need to know that their father loves God too.” Ordinances have increased a man’s Christlike character. Shepherds need to emulate the Good Shepherd. Invites us all to lengthen our stride as servants and disciples of the Lord. [very motivational talk—review!] MINISTRY

Devin G. Durrant (SS 2nd couns): Use FHE to help strengthen youth. Teach, testify, read together. Family prayer is also critical. Informal, everyday settings are where most teaching happens. [A second talk in this session about the power of youth!] Major, positive focus on home life. PARENTING

Elder Renlund: Story of Pratt brothers’ split, and reunion through family history work. We have an important mandate to do family history work and ordinances. “Not just a hobby.” Blessings of the work. Emphasis on healing. Family blessings are strong because of the temple. FAMILY HISTORY & TEMPLE WORK


Douglas D. Holmes (YM 1st couns): Power and sacredness of Aaronic priesthood. We must help YM know their opportunities and responsibilities. The root word of “angel” is “messenger.” We are also messengers of the gospel. Preach it! Start by treasuring up His word. We can teach the way angels do, by the power of the HG. YM are authorized messengers. We have duty to be fellow servants w/ John the Baptist. THE POWER OF THE AARONIC PRIESTHOOD

President Nelson: Lord wants all of us to represent Him. HP and Elders are now combined into one Elders Quorum. Stake Presidency continues to preside over HP. Improve the way we report our contacts with members. MELCH PRSTHD SERVICE

Elder Christofferson: one quorum presidency. HP groups are discontinued. All men in EQ serve as an elder. Do not speak of being “advanced” in the priesthood: it’s all the same. Reviews procedures for EQP. This is to help build unity! Also, mentoring. Great story of priesthood service. MELCH PRSTHD SERVICE

Elder Rasband: This change will help RS and EQ harmonize, and simplify ward council. New  chances to lead and be lead. No more PEC meetings! This will create more flexibility and diversity in the quorum. Priesthood power comes only through righteous living. Use this opportunity to reflect and improve. MELCH PRSTHD SERVICE

President Eyring: emphasizes unity and effectiveness in quorums. Story of a 14 years old’s sacrament talk about priesthood: knowing members from HT makes it easier to greet them at church and for all to feel loved. An older man also spoke about HT: an uninterested less active sister needed help and her HT stepped up and took care of the need. Be even more inspired and charitable in priesthood service! MELCH PRSTHD SERVICE

President Oaks: Priesthood is held in trust to serve others. “Holders” of priesthood is the correct way to view men. Titles are for humble service only. Discourses on meanings of offices. Quotes McConkie on “Only An Elder.” Most important priesthood principle is in Jacob 1. We cannot be satisfied with world’s standards of performance; we have divine power and purpose. If fathers would magnify their priesthood in their family, it would help the church. Give more priesthood blessings! Fathers and mothers to be equal partners. D&C 121 principles apply in home. [another one to study and review IN DETAIL] MELCH PRSTHD ORGANIZATION

President Nelson: It is a remarkable blessing to serve in the church! Shun evil, be a mighty elder in Israel. Too many of us don’t understand priesthood power. We don’t grasp the privileges that could be ours. Story of a man who missed opportunity to bless baby b/c he didn’t know difference between that and prayer. Make sure everyone understands how to give a blessing. Inspire members to keep covenants. Priority is always to minister to individuals. “I went to the closed door and knocked.” Great story, with example and more applications! MELCH PRSTHD SERVICE

Sunday Morning

Larry Y. Wilson (70): Book of Moses on “quickening.” HG gives us “life in Christ” (NT). HG is a privilege! Instead of praying for rescue, a man whose ship was in danger was told through HG to learn more and act. We must tune ourselves to heaven’s frequency. Make the effort to align our lives with God’s commandments: repentance and obedience. Don’t ask to be given solutions, ask how we can be part of the solution. “The arrival of a typhoon is no time to dust off the gift of the HG and figure out how to use it.” Relates these lessons to our “storms” of life. Book of Mormon advice on surviving storms. THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST

Reyna I. Aburto (RS 2nd couns): Great analogy about monarch butterflies and kaleidoscopes. “We are on this journey together…we need each other, and we need to be unified.” Acts 1:14 example of unity: “with one accord.” Ref. 4 Nephi: “They did it with love for God and for each other.” Strong faith & closeness to the Lord leads to unity with each other. We can know Him as well as 4 Nephi saints did. “Miracles happen when the children of God work together.” Story of Haitian immigrants integrating into Chile community by being taught Spanish. The ward kaleidoscope: “A place where we each fit in and where we are all needed.” UNITY

Massimo de Feo (70): Faith grows as we learn the plan of salvation is a plan of love. 1st great truth of eternity is that God loves us: JRH. Love is the true sign every true disciple. Don’t think of what others have done to you, but what the Lord has done FOR you, and you’ll have peace. More statements about “true disciples.” Stand in holy places, and make holy the places where you stand. His dying mother’s prayer for him showed real love. Love makes you forget about yourself. Jesus paid for sins he had not committed. “Again, and always, pure love.” LOVE

Claudio D. Zivic (70): Endure to the end and be saved. Will we stay with Christ or “also go away?” “Lord, to whom shall we go?” Let’s be faithful to what we have believed and known. Reflect and return. No one will be able to make excuses before Lord Jesus Christ. Attendance at sacrament meeting is one of the key ways…Book of Mormon quotes: “Bridle passions, refrain from idleness…” Story of a cracked kayak—like living with sin: problems weigh us down. ENDURE TO THE END

President Eyring: Increase ability and desire to feel the HG. Story of the Resurrection. Two men on road who felt the Spirit. He feels it from the words to “Abide With Me.” How HBE feels the Spirit. “We have true directions on how to claim that gift.” Confirmation tells us to receive HG, but then we must choose to open ourselves to it over a lifetime. JS chose to be humble before God and pray for answers, then obeyed. Obedience may mean to move quickly, prepare, wait, or pray for others. When we receive direction, act on it. Great ministers have sought the HG and charity, using them to serve out of love. Quotes Great Intercessory Prayer. THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST

President Oaks: The literal resurrection of Jesus Christ is a pillar of our faith. Also comes to all mortals who have ever lived. “A lively hope.” His text today: Alma’s teaching to his son Helaman, “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” The growth of roots breaking concrete is too small to measure day by day, so also are the things we’re taught to do, like scripture study or prayer. Also, an ongoing process of repenting, even of seemingly small transgressions. Ponder this with the sacrament. HWH: Small daily tasks have the greatest effect. Private time is a big deal: TV and internet, art and music, what we seek for entertainment, how we’re honest and truthful, being civil and cheerful in interactions. Practice them consistently and continuously to be great. Culture will carry our values downstream if we’re not vigilant. Helps to be part of team rowing against the current. [Rod Dreher!] Small acts of obedience or disobedience can have major outcomes. Remember cracking sidewalk re: Word of Wisdom. [Great quotes from other talks] SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS (HABITS)

President Nelson: Expresses love for Pres. Monson and gratitude for those in past whose shoulders he stands on: he knew 10 of the 16 previous prophets, all 8 of his great grandfathers were converts. Didn’t grow up in a gospel home, but knew he was missing out and tried to learn more about the church. Smashed parents’ liquor so they could live the word of wisdom. “I just want to be sealed to my parents.” Stories of his life. Each of his blessings have come from seeking the Holy Ghost. Prays daily for revelation. Quorum meetings: not majority rule—they listen and pray and come together. “It’s a spine-tingling feeling.” How can we put this to work? Follow example of Prophet Joseph—privately humble ourselves and pour out our hearts, search for answers and comfort, discuss concerns, fear, weakness, longings of heart, and then listen. Write/record the thoughts that come to mind, follow through with actions. Repeat process for months and years, you’ll grow in revelation. Stretch beyond our current spiritual ability to receive revelation. “I’m optimistic about the future.” Not naive, though, but we’ll see miracles that show that God and Christ lead this work. Soon it won’t be possible to survive w/o HG. Choose to do the spiritual work required.  PERSONAL REVELATION

Sunday Afternoon

Elder Gong: “Now it’s time to go to sleep…Hallelujah!” JS: Bold doctrine, but temple priesthood power is real. We belong to each other, should be knit together in love. Humbly pledges the energy of his soul to the church and family in it. TESTIMONY

Elder Soares: We are not alone. God leads this work. Church leaders are called to represent God and teach us. We’re blessed by exercising faith and following them. TESTIMONY

President Nelson: No more HT/VT, but simply ministering.

Elder Holland: As the work matures institutionally, we should mature personally. Visits when possible, supplemented otherwise. More care, not less. We need to contact people and bless them; doesn’t matter when or how. See this as an invitation to care for one another in a bold, new way. Story of a faithful home teacher, an example of ministering. Heartfelt care for one another, motivated by love for Christ! MINISTERING

Jean B. Bingham (RS Pres.): Jesus as an example of a minister. Ask yourself: how can I share the light of the gospel with this family? Lots of examples of how ministering might work: “It looks like becoming a part of someone’s life.” Coordination between EQ and RS in ministering. Examples of YW ministering on their own—now to work w/ RS! “What does she or he need?” MINISTERING

Elder Uchtdorf: Most important day in history was the day of the Atonement in the garden of Gethsemane. A great discourse on the Atonement! “This is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday—we celebrate life.” Retells the story of the trial and execution of Jesus. “He will heal you and give meaning to your journey.” We should “Behold the man!” [Great companion to Elder Holland’s “None Were With Him” talk!] THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST

Bishop Caussé: Story of investigators finding us to be closest to original church. Discusses nature and purpose of restored church. “Are we active in the gospel or are we merely busy in the church?” As you strive to be on the Lord’s agenda, nothing will be as important as finding people to bless. We serve with pure love. SERVICE

Elder Cook: Review the keys restored in the Kirtland temple. The keys represent the main purposes of the church: missionary work, perfecting the saints, redeeming the dead. Reports on progress in all three areas. We would do well to review our own efforts in these areas. We should seek repentance. The only culture we teach is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re all equal brothers and sisters in the temple. PURPOSES OF THE CHURCH

President Nelson: These messages have been life changing! “Let us all press on in the work of the Lord…” Study this conference frequently/repeatedly. Integrate them into conversations with members and non-members. Many good people will respond to the truths in this conference, when offered in love. This marks the beginning of a new era of ministering. Temples coming to: Argentina, India, Nicaragua, Philippines, Layton Utah, Virginia, and TBD in Russia. LET US ALL PRESS ON

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