Typo Gripes

Pity the poor English teacher condemned to wander around a world where he must be assaulted by typographical errors in everything from signs at a Six Flags theme park to his children’s medical forms…



These things were both presented to the public as communication from professionals…


One comment on “Typo Gripes

  1. After homeschooling our children for 14 years, circumstances required that I go to work and put the two youngest into 5th and 6th grades. Imagine my shock/surprise when one of the first notices from the 5th grade teacher contained multiple typos, errors, etc. If she had bothered to proof-read the paper she would have caught them. I hope. It was difficult to entrust my precious son to her teaching. I don’t claim infallibility, but she had a college degree and was paid to teach! I have no degree and taught our children out of pure love.

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