About “Gently Hew Stone”

3.21.8 Dad and Aiden climb rockGently Hew Stone is an eclectic online journal by Jamie Huston, who lives in his native city of Las Vegas with his wife and seven children.  He teaches high school and college English.

“Gently Hew Stone” is a pun on the author’s name. Michelangelo said that while carving his statue of David, he envisioned the finished statue inside the block of raw marble and just chiseled away the pieces that weren’t part of it.


mrhuston1 AT yahoo DOT com


9 comments on “About “Gently Hew Stone”

  1. Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOlc-58QkwU&NR=1

    I like your website and thought you might find this video interesting regarding a “hypothetical situation” regarding a police officer.

  2. Hi,
    I´m a LDS member from São Paulo – Brazil. I´ve been searching about my tribe (due to genealogy), which is Ephraim and found your post on “Gently Hew Stone” I thank you for your comment about this topic. I´d like to ask you a favor if possible. Living in Brazil I can´t find ways to acquire a book by Steven D.Green called The Tribe of Ephraim, I´ve searched and searched and just found at library Barnes and Noble (on US – high costs to deliver even in paperback) in Brazil we do not have any access to those type of books (already looked all around).
    So…. I´d like to find a link (just a link) to a free e-book website to download it. Could you help me with that, please???
    I´ll await for your reply Mr. Huston.
    São Paulo – Brazil

  3. Hello there,

    Our young men and young women organization recently put together this short 12 minute film for the Stake film festival. It centers on the “For the Strength of Youth” booklet and was received to rave reviews. I thought the viewers of your blog would enjoy it. Think M. Night Shyamalan meets the Mormon Church. You have to watch to the very end of the film. M. Night would be proud. The link is below. Thanks for your consideration!

    Warm regards,

    David McKnight
    Port Washington Branch
    Grafton, Wisconsin

  4. You’re blog is okay, but I could do with less puns. Overall your blog is boring. Maybe some more color and liveliness it could with improve. Best of luck!

  5. Jamie I like your ten Book of Mormon evidences video SO MUCH except that you set our wonderful revealed book of scripture in MesoAmerica. It is such a shame that you would taint your wonderful missionary too with such confusing speculation when Joseph found the plates in New York and sent Sidney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery on a mission to the Lamanites in Ohio and there are so many other evidences clearly indicating North America as the Book of Mormon setting. Please study the issue and fix your WONDERFUL video. Thanks – Jane H.

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