“Flower of Scotland”

I’ve reached the age where, whenever I discover something new in this world that I love, I wonder how I made it this far without ever coming across it. Such is the case wth this weekend’s discovery of the song, “Flower of Scotland.” How did I, an inveterate Celtiphile and music lover, never hear this beautiful little song in four decades?

It’s wonderful–a Scottish “Edelweiss,” if you will. Here’s the most beautiful version I’ve found so far:

Josh Groban covers “Satellite”

Earlier this year, Josh Groban released an album including this cover of the Dave Matthews track “Satellite.”

Hard to tell which version I like more.  Groban’s is excellent though: haunting, translucent, mystical.  It’s been heavily looped in my daily listening for the last two months.

I Love Me Some Celtic Woman

But then again, who doesn’t?  I read somewhere that 85% of world music bought in the United States is Celtic.  I’m sure it’s no coincidence that PBS trots out these concert specials every pledge week.  

Celtic Woman web siteWiki

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Other Covers

A while ago, I shared some YouTube videos from a musician who does great cover versions of popular songs.  When a song pops into my head, I often look it up on YouTube so I can hear it again, and good amateur covers usually come up in the search.  Here are two more that I’ve bookmarked because, as much as I love the original songs, I like these covers just as much.  If anybody knows of any other great cover artists floating around on YouTube, I’d be happy to hear about them.