Reviewed: Savior of the World

180px-sotwSavior of the World is a theatrical production by the LDS Church that premiered in November 2000 in the church’s Conference Center in Salt Lake City, and has since been performed in other locations.  I saw it for the first time last night in Henderson, Nevada. 

The first thing to know about Savior of the World is that it’s not really about the Savior, in the sense that a traditional nativity or passion play focuses on His life.  Jesus only shows up a few times in the play, and when He does it’s only as a monolithic dispenser of quotations–His presence in the play is completely devoid of personality.  The intent is clear:  to focus on the lives and needs of those others who played supporting roles in His ministry. 

One is reminded of Ben-Hur, where Jesus Christ’s few “cameo appearances” contained no dialogue and were shot only from behind.  Savior of the World strives for a similar degree of reverence–the actor portraying Christ doesn’t even come out for the curtain call. 

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