Sexy Ribs?

Here is a screen shot from an article posted on the Las Vegas Sun web site on Monday.  It’s a picture of beauty contest winners.  Notice how skinny they are.  These girls aren’t just thin, they’re practically skeletal. 

Picking on the appearance of small women can be just as hurtful as insulting larger women, but I have to wonder if the physiques of the women in this picture are natural.  The one in the middle looks so anorexic that I’m honestly worried about her.  All five of them have their ribs sticking out quite prominently, but this poor lady almost looks like she’s sick. 

They won a beauty contest?  Their faces are all pretty, sure, but I can’t imagine how much punishment they must have put themselves through to emaciate their bodies so much.  Call me crazy, but my vision of female beauty includes curves, substance, and health. 


Local Teacher Only Gets To Have One Ivory Back Scratcher

A sob story in today’s Las Vegas Sun wants us to empathize with the pitiful plight of a local teacher who (gasp!) works a second job. 

Of course, his second job is as an actor at the mob museum, which he says is “fun” and which he’d like to turn into a career.  He went out and got this job just because he “didn’t want to work at Wal-Mart.”  Life is nice when you have choices. 

Not exactly a coal miner, this guy. 

He’s quoted as follows: “Without this job, I’d be starving.”  Really?  According to our school district web site, with a Master’s degree and five years’ experience, he’s making over $46,000, a little above average.  The article doesn’t say if he has dependents, just that he has student loans and “$10,000 in credit card debt.” 

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Good News / Bad News

Yesterday, a local Realtor group released numbers about home sales here, but the two big local newspapers reported on it very differently.  It’s more than a matter of vague interpretation: one said that numbers went up, the other said that numbers went down. 

It’s not that either was wrong: the optimistic headline in the Review-Journal is about how April 2011’s home sales were better than home sales were a year ago, in April 2010.  The more pessimistic Sun story simply compares April 2011 to March 2011, which had higher sales.  Frankly, the Sun story seems more relevant: though comparing numbers to the same time last year might have merits, it also looks like a cheap way to selectively report what you want to see, even if it’s not the full truth.  Or maybe I’m just cynical.

Not that this is a big deal at all–I just thought it was funny to see two such contradictory reports at the same time about the same thing. 

Glass half full


Glass half empty

Clark County / Nevada Election Endorsements

My research for this relied heavily on the endorsements offered by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun, both of which I studied in detail.  I also checked out some other organizations, such as Nevada Concerned Citizens‘ endorsements, my own comments from the primaries, and, of course, I googled each candidate and reviewed their web sites.  Here’s what I came up with. 

Ballot questions will be handled in another post. 


I won’t repeat everything I’ve already said here many times about this race, but suffice it to say…

Vote for: Sharron Angle


Kenneth Wegner has not campaigned aggressively, nor has the party supported him sufficiently.  I love his signs, but that’s hardly enough to be taken seriously.  At the same time, Democratic incumbent Shelley Berkley is strong.  I saw a billboard for her last week that simply said something like, “Honesty.  Integrity.  Hard Work.”  Know what?  I can’t deny that.  She’s clean of scandals and has a good reputation. 

Basically, this race is pointless.  She’ll win by about a zillion percent. 

Still, Berkley voted for the stimulus and ObamaCare.  So…

Vote for: Kenneth Wegner

Incidentally, even though it’s not in my district, I hope people for Joe Heck instead of Dina Titus for the other Congressional seat up for grabs this year.  Titus is just as liberal as Berkley, and has run a foul, dishonest campaign against Heck.  Dr. Heck, on the other hand, is a consistently conservative leader with the dedication we need to help our state.


Meanwhile, Brian Sandoval actually is ahead of Rory Reid by about a zillion points, so this one’s pointless, too!

By the way, if all of the conservatives who oppose illegal immigration are doing it because we hate Hispanics so much, why are we giving one a landslide victory in the election for our governor?  Hmmm, maybe the left’s convenient assumptions about us aren’t accurate after all…

Vote for: Brian Sandoval

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Cheap Bigotry at the Las Vegas Sun

After the Las Vegas Sun ran an especially vile hit piece on Sharron Angle on Sunday, I emailed the following letter to the editor, which they have yet to run.  Perhaps it came a little too close to home:

You should be ashamed of the desperate non-story you ran about Sharron Angle in Sunday’s issue. Author Anjeanette Damon scrutinizes Angle for basing some of her political positions on her religious beliefs. Of course, anyone’s stand on public issues will be informed by their values and opinions, but it’s only worthy of a withering analysis if they’re Christian, apparently.

Damon fails to give any examples of unconstitutional legislation that Angle supports based on her beliefs, so she must cite “experts” who contradict the Christians quoted in the article, and imply a relationship between Angle and those who support the “execution of homosexuals and unchaste women.”

Most of the article is devoted not to Angle but to exposing some shadowy threat of a return to biblical law that will establish a medieval theocracy. Damon worries that leaders like Angle will strip America of “safety net benefits” and “environmental protection” because of their scary beliefs.

Good grief. Care for a cup of paranoid fear mongering with that slice of thinly-veiled bigotry you’re having?

The best Damon can do is to note that Angle said it is not unconstitutional for private religious schools to receive a portion of public funding. Oh no, the fundamentalists are taking over!

If someone had written about a secular liberal using the logic and language of this article, you would be offended, and rightfully so. Please elevate discussions rather than debase them.


Is It Torture After The First 97 Times?

A letter in the Las Vegas Sun this morning attempts to rebut the assertion that waterboarding isn’t torture because similar technqiues are used to train our own military.  The letter writer claims:

The difference is, the airmen know what is happening, and they also know they won’t die at the hands of their fellow airmen. Can the same be said for prisoners who were subjected, some more than 100 times, to a similar technique?


Now, wouldn’t that actually make it less likely that it would be viewed as torture?  When Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was taken in to be waterboarded for the 98th time, was he thinking, “Oh, no!  The first 97 times just made me disoriented and uncomfortable, but this time I’m sure they’re going to kill me!”

Good News For Centennial High and the Las Vegas Sun

  1. This week, the Las Vegas Sun won a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on the safety problems and subsequent fatalities at construction sites on the Strip.  Apparently, that big building boom we had promised profits that outweighed silly little details like making sure that the guys actually making it happen, you know, wouldn’t keep horribly dying.  This is a huge coup for Las Vegas and a well-deserved honor for its journalists.  Congrats especially to Alexandra Berzon, the young reporter behind the series. 
  2. Not only did the school at which I work, Centennial High, win our state championships this year for women’s soccer and basketball, but even more prestigious still, our Navy JROTC unit won the annual national competition.  That’s right, our cadets made us the number one Navy ROTC program in the country.  A link to the official scores isn’t ready yet, but we finished 1st place in unit personnel inspection, athletics, academics, pushups, 1600 relay, and placed near the top in several other categories.  A dozen of our cadets finished at or near the top in their individual events.  Add it up and we’re #1, which is especially impressive considering that we’re a fairly young school (with an eight-year-old program) that was competing mostly against old schools from east of the Mississippi.