Big Search Engine Is Watching

Before I could post my Edgar Allan Poe audio on YouTube recently, since it was over 15 minutes long, it made me provide my cell number so they could send me a confirmation code.  In my haste to have this project done, I complied. Only afterwards did I wonder what difference it made if my video was over 15 minutes, or why it mattered if I could be reached via text, and how the two were so related in YouTube’s mind that the latter added legitimacy to the former. 

Then, in a moment of cold, dawning horror worthy of the Poe story I was trying to share, it hit me:

  • Google owns YouTube.
  • There is no good reason for them to request my cell number other than to simply have it.
  • Now, Google knows my cell phone number.

*Sigh*  I look forward to getting text messages from Google, as well as everybody else they sell my number to.