Strategies For Reading and Relationships

In relationships, never give up on people. Stick it out, make it work.

In reading…just the opposite. A book should always be a perfect ten. If your connection to a book ever cools off, feel free to kick it to the curb and find another one. Plenty of fish in the sea, plenty of books in the library. Life is short and you deserve the best.

Just don’t get these two ideas confused. Your life will be fun for others to watch, but frustrating for you.

2011: My Year In Self-Improvement

I set out to check four things off of my bucket list this year.  One proved too arduous for now, and petered out in March.  I finished the other three.

One was seeing every film on AFI’s “100 Years, 100 Movies” list, except the R-rated ones.  Finally finished in July.  More on this next week.

Another was ministering to each of my home teaching families at church every month this year.  I didn’t always have a visit–I can’t control if people open the door or pick up the phone–but in past years I’ve gone months at a time without trying to contact people.  This year, everyone at least got a chance, and a lot of good work did come from it.

But the third thing was by far the coolest.  In fact, I consider it one of the best things I’ve ever done in life.  I surprised my wife with a romantic gesture every week for a year.

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Send Love With Inappropriate Greeting Cards

Does your honey have a sense of humor?

If yes, read the cute idea below.

If no, get a new honey.  Then, read the cute idea below.

Here’s a great way to send love to that special someone: give them a hilariously inappropriate card.  Not inappropriate in the sense that the card is offensive, but in the sense that it’s not for the person or occasion in question.  The weirdness and confusion will always bring a smile.

Is she going in for surgery?  Give her a “congratulations on your bar mitzvah” card.

Is he graduating from school?  Send him a card that thanks him for inviting you to his baby shower.

Get a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day cards this week.  Give them out in October. 

Don’t forget birthdays!  The older the friend, the younger the card should be.  Your grandma will love getting a card with Dora the Explorer on it.

Did your honey just turn 40?  Present one of those flowery sympathy cards that says, “My prayers are with you in your time of sorrow and loss.”  Wait, no.  Actually, that one makes sense.