You Voted For Harry Reid

I have a bone to pick, but not with the many people who voted for Harry Reid because they agree with his principles.  That’s a choice of conscience, and I respect that.  Rather, I wish to criticize those who might have voted for Sharron Angle—probably even would have—but were swayed by Reid’s negative campaigning. 

Are you happy now?  Since November, Reid’s two biggest missions have been starting a crusade against rural brothels, and using his platform in the Senate to champion federal funding for cowboy poetry.  Always good to see real leaders, men with their priorities straight. 

And why is our time being wasted on such embarrassing trivia? 

Because you voted for Harry Reid. 

Reid had some of the lowest approval ratings of anyone, ever.  Angle had very high poll numbers.  But as the campaign drew to a close, the Reid machine launched an all-out professional assault on Angle’s character.  And you bought it.

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Clark County / Nevada Election Endorsements

My research for this relied heavily on the endorsements offered by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun, both of which I studied in detail.  I also checked out some other organizations, such as Nevada Concerned Citizens‘ endorsements, my own comments from the primaries, and, of course, I googled each candidate and reviewed their web sites.  Here’s what I came up with. 

Ballot questions will be handled in another post. 


I won’t repeat everything I’ve already said here many times about this race, but suffice it to say…

Vote for: Sharron Angle


Kenneth Wegner has not campaigned aggressively, nor has the party supported him sufficiently.  I love his signs, but that’s hardly enough to be taken seriously.  At the same time, Democratic incumbent Shelley Berkley is strong.  I saw a billboard for her last week that simply said something like, “Honesty.  Integrity.  Hard Work.”  Know what?  I can’t deny that.  She’s clean of scandals and has a good reputation. 

Basically, this race is pointless.  She’ll win by about a zillion percent. 

Still, Berkley voted for the stimulus and ObamaCare.  So…

Vote for: Kenneth Wegner

Incidentally, even though it’s not in my district, I hope people for Joe Heck instead of Dina Titus for the other Congressional seat up for grabs this year.  Titus is just as liberal as Berkley, and has run a foul, dishonest campaign against Heck.  Dr. Heck, on the other hand, is a consistently conservative leader with the dedication we need to help our state.


Meanwhile, Brian Sandoval actually is ahead of Rory Reid by about a zillion points, so this one’s pointless, too!

By the way, if all of the conservatives who oppose illegal immigration are doing it because we hate Hispanics so much, why are we giving one a landslide victory in the election for our governor?  Hmmm, maybe the left’s convenient assumptions about us aren’t accurate after all…

Vote for: Brian Sandoval

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Another Sleazy “Patriot Majority” Ad

Translation: “Just look at how sad this pretty girl is!  Sharron Angle made this pretty girl sad.  Sharron Angle is mean.  If you vote for Sharron Angle, this nice girl will cry.  And it will be your fault.” 

(At the end of the ad when the actress looks into the camera): “Please don’t vote for Sharron Angle.  If you do, I’ll have to kill myself.” 

Anti-Sharron Angle Ad Ideas

Harry Reid has spent millions on slick TV and radio ads this election season, and they mostly have the same format: have a regular-Joe kind of person tell a sob story that makes a Sharron Angle position look heartless, then call her crazy and flash a heroic looking picture of Reid.  With that template in mind, here are a few more ideas Reid is free to use:


Sharron Angle voted against the Give Everybody Everything They Want All the Time Bill. All seven thousand state lawmakers except her voted for it, so it’s obvious she must be wrong. Very, very wrong.

She doesn’t want to let everybody get everything they want all the time. Sharron Angle. Dangerous ideas that are just too extreme.

I’m Harry Reid and I approve this message.


Harry Reid has repeatedly gone on record that he supports being nice to kittens and grandmas. Sharron Angle [sinister music here] has made no such declaration. Sharron Angle wants to kill kitties and nanas.

Killing kitties and nanas. And probably eating babies. Sharron Angle. Dangerous ideas that are just too extreme.

I’m Harry Reid and I approve this message.


Sharron Angle has said that government should have limits on power and spending. Isn’t that crazy? Harry Reid uses government power and spending to do all kinds of neat stuff for lots of people! Not you, but, you know, other people. People who deserve it, you can be sure of that.

Sharron Angle is worried that government power and spending should be constitutional, like the Founders intended. Clearly, she’s some kind of insane psycho. Only morons care about stuff like that.

Sharron Angle. A drooling, raving lunatic who should probably be locked up for her own good.

Paid for by the Committee of Real Super Patriots Who Actually Care About America, So Take That, You Awful Conservative Losers.


Good luck at tonight’s debate, Sharron!

New Harry Reid Ad

In response to a Sharron Angle ad targeting his soft stance on illegal aliens, Harry Reid has launched a big new ad meant to reassure everyone in the suburbs that he’s a staunch foe of all things immigration. 

Hey, Harry, you’re not supposed to throw your supporters under the bus until after the election. 

If I were Angle, I’d be running clips of Reid’s ad on all the local Spanish-language media 24/7 from now until election day. 

Is It a Senator’s Job to Create Jobs?

Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle says it’s not her job to create jobs and incumbent Harry Reid mocks her for it.  Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus now airs ads likewise slamming opponent Joe Heck for saying the same thing.  This clearly appeals to voters: many are our of work, or know people who are, and we’re all scared. 

But convenient mocking aside, who’s right?  Is it the job of senators to create jobs?  Well, where does it say what  a senator’s job is? 

In the Constitution, of course.  Specifically, in Article I, Section 8.  I’ve pasted it below.  Let’s see if it mentions “creating jobs.”


The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

 [Hmmm, OK, this is about financial and defense responsibilities, but nothing about making new jobs for people…]

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At This Rate, Sharron Angle Is Going To Lose

I’ve been whining about this at home for a month now: in a race where Harry Reid should be about a zillion points behind, he and Sharron Angle are running neck and neck.  Why?  Because Reid has pulled out all the stops and Angle is running a weak, loser campaign that faithfully follows the mold of countless other GOP loser campaigns.  Who’s her manager now, anyway?  Bob Dole? 

Reid’s ads have capitalized on public fears in a big way.  He touts his pork projects as jobs “saved” (shifted, really, or bought with invisible federal funds, but I digress) and successfully paints Angle as a fringe freak. 

Angle, for her part, plays right along.  She spends her comparatively scant media dollars on ads that meekly counter Reid’s attacks, or that try to attack him on his own ground.  The very worst example is the string of ads that criticize Reid for failing to fix the economy and create more jobs.  Sharron!  You can’t claim (rightfully) that a senator’s job isn’t to create jobs, and then criticize your opponent for failing to create jobs. 

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Cheap Bigotry at the Las Vegas Sun

After the Las Vegas Sun ran an especially vile hit piece on Sharron Angle on Sunday, I emailed the following letter to the editor, which they have yet to run.  Perhaps it came a little too close to home:

You should be ashamed of the desperate non-story you ran about Sharron Angle in Sunday’s issue. Author Anjeanette Damon scrutinizes Angle for basing some of her political positions on her religious beliefs. Of course, anyone’s stand on public issues will be informed by their values and opinions, but it’s only worthy of a withering analysis if they’re Christian, apparently.

Damon fails to give any examples of unconstitutional legislation that Angle supports based on her beliefs, so she must cite “experts” who contradict the Christians quoted in the article, and imply a relationship between Angle and those who support the “execution of homosexuals and unchaste women.”

Most of the article is devoted not to Angle but to exposing some shadowy threat of a return to biblical law that will establish a medieval theocracy. Damon worries that leaders like Angle will strip America of “safety net benefits” and “environmental protection” because of their scary beliefs.

Good grief. Care for a cup of paranoid fear mongering with that slice of thinly-veiled bigotry you’re having?

The best Damon can do is to note that Angle said it is not unconstitutional for private religious schools to receive a portion of public funding. Oh no, the fundamentalists are taking over!

If someone had written about a secular liberal using the logic and language of this article, you would be offended, and rightfully so. Please elevate discussions rather than debase them.


Et Tu, Sue Lowden?

I previously criticized Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden for a sleazy, mud-slinging TV ad which insinuated that fellow candidate Sharron Angle was in bed with the Church of Scientology and conspired with them to promote a cushy rehabilitative program for prisoners. 

Now that Angle has won the primary and is up against Harry Reid in November, the Reid machine has pulled out all the stops to incriminate her.  Sadly, the first major TV spot Reid launched against Angle last month featured footage  lifted straight from the Lowden ad! 

Please, correct me if I’m wrong–and I really do want to be wrong on this one–but I can only think of one way the Reid campaign could have legally used that footage: with the permission of the Lowden campaign that created it.  Is this right?  Did Sue Lowden help Harry Reid make a commercial to defeat the woman who defeated her?  Would she get Reid reelected just for a chance to keep smearing Angle?  I want to be wrong about this because that just seems too low for anyone to stoop. 

Here’s a screen shot of the older anti-Angle footage from the Lowden campaign, complete with the Tom Cruise picture in the corner, recycled in the Reid ad:

Here’s the whole Reid ad itself:

And, just to jog your memory, here’s the original Lowden ad with the same footage given to Reid:

Why Sue Lowden Lost Last Night, And Deserved To

It was sad to see someone with so many good qualities, someone who had herself been the target of so much unfair maligning, stoop to the level of the desperate ad that Sue Lowden ran against Sharron Angle in the final moments leading up to last night’s primary election.  I said recently that it’s a bad sign when you use the same arguments against somebody that the media machine in the other party is using, and Lowden did it.  Everybody wanted to jump onto the “Sharron Angle is in bed with Scientologists” meme, and Lowden was all too happy, it seems, to get her hands dirty, too.

The Lowden ad spoofs Angle’s investigation of a prisoner rehabilitation program that had shown some positive results.  The problem: it involved giving massages to inmates, and it was endorsed by the church of Scientology.  Angle, of course, is not a Scientologist herself–she’s a Baptist–and the program was not, so far as I know, directly related to Scientology as any kind of proselytizing attempt, but any opportunity to link your political opponents with unpopular kooks must be exploited, right? 

So when the Lowden ad mentions that the controversial program was sponsored by Scientologists, the camera pans down to show a framed portrait of Tom Cruise on a stand surrounded by candles.  The whole 30-second spot is on YouTube, but I’ve just given you the offending screen shot because I want people to focus on how outlandish it is. 

This ad, like all such ads these days, ends with Lowden proudly declaring that she “approves this message.”  Really?  You want to advertise the fact that your campaign against Angle consisted of a sleazy (and inaccurate) association with weirdos?  When Tarkanian started throwing such cheap shots at you, I said that I’d lost all respect for him.  Now it’s your turn.  You should be ashamed.  Say what you want about Sharron Angle, but at least she ran a clean campaign.

Clark County Primary Election Endorsements

I’ve long considered myself primarily a libertarian politically, but several years ago I registered as a Republican in order to vote in primary elections for offices I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  For instance, in November, I’ll probably vote for whichever Republican makes it through the primary to oppose Harry Reid in the Senate.  But which contender will it be?  Unless I’m registered as a Republican, I wouldn’t have a say.  So that’s pretty much why I’m a Republican. 

Early voting for our primary election started today, and I’ve spent the last week doing my homework.  Two lessons here:

  1. If you’re running for office and someone googles you just days before voting starts, and nothing comes up about you–not an interview, not a newspaper article, not a web ste, nothing, as if you aren’t even running, as if you don’t even exist–I will assume you’re not serious and will not consider you. 
  2. If you flout endorsements, make sure the organizations themselves have a useful online presence.  One seemingly worthy group giving endorsements in this primary also brings up nothing via google, and when I called the office number given on the letter reproduced on the web site of some candidates, a secretary told me there was no material to send me, and no regular meetings of their group.  Also, it looks bad if you advertise inconsistent endorsements: so a constitutional conservative group endorses you, and the SEIU?  I’m not sure what to make of that.

And here is the final list of offices open and candidates to be voted on in my county.

And here are the people I recommend:


I just wrote a post recently defending Sue Lowden, and I definitely do like her, but one person in this race definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Sharron Angle’s experience, the long list of quality endorsements she can credit herself with, and the fact that her ideas are the most consistently conservative all convinced me to go with her.  Even after that, yesterday on the way home from work I heard her on the Jerry Doyle show when he asked how she would bring to Nevada the kind of influence and special favors that Harry Reid can get with his authority.

“I won’t,” Angle said in effect, explaining that Nevadans don’t want pork and earmarks for themselves; they just want to keep their money, and have the laws enforced and borders protected.  Awesome. 

Vote for: Sharron Angle


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