Facebook Ambivalence

Facebook recently passed MySpace as the most popular social networking site.  Last year, at the urging of a close friend, I got a Facebook account, but I never used it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t care about it.  I recently read of a guy who connected with tons of acquaintances from high school that way, and formed some pretty strong online friendships with them, stronger than he’d had back in school. 

But, frankly, I’m not interested in shallow connections with tons of old acquaintances and strangers.  I didn’t bother to go to my own high school reunion because I figure if there’s anyone I really care to see, I’d have looked them up sometime in the intervening decade.  Somehow, life has gone on just fine.  I’m perfectly content with my very small circle of close associates, and I have a hard time keeping up with them as it is.  Any desire I have to interact with people beyond my immediate sphere of real world influence is more than adequately served by blogging.

And Facebook would just eat up more time that could be better spent having a real life, enjoying my family, serving my church, and working on non-electronic goals.  There’s at least one Luddite left in this cyber world of ours!

Accordingly, I deleted my Facebook account last week.  I hate clutter, and it was just collecting dust (I take Walden way too seriously).  If anyone wants to contact me without posting a comment on a specific blog entry, you can email gentlyhewstone@yahoo.com

I’m not saying Facebook is bad, but it’s probably an extraneous indulgence for most of us, another distraction that only gives the illusion of significance.  At least it would be for me.

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