A Beautiful View of Lake Powell

My family and I got to spend a few days at beautiful Lake Powell recently, courtesy of the in-laws.  I got to see the amazing Rainbow Bridge (I snapped a shot of two of my kids standing in front of the arch) and the awe inspiring narrows of Cathedral Canyon (I wish I’d taken pictures of those–only a few feet on either side of your boat are sheer cliffs towering up for over a hundred feet), but my favorite sight was of an obscure little indenture in a rock wall.

We anchored the houseboat in one of the deep coves on the left going into Last Chance Bay, and after I discovered the joy of kayaking, I went into the end of the cove and saw that the southeast corner had an even deeper recess that twisted in a bit and went further into the rock.  Wondering if it might be a cave, I went in to have a look.  It wasn’t a cave, but what I saw surprised me even more.  That deep recess was rounded and the bottom twenty five feet or so went back even deeper into the corner, for about another fifteen feet, forming a perfect, natural amphitheater, with the wall gently sloping toward the water.  I tried to capture its grandeur, but neither my camera nor my skill were quite up to it–I wish you could see a panorama of how well it wraps around you, and appreciate that the rock above you reaches up for at least ten stories.  Here are a few pictures; perhaps between them you can get a good idea of what I saw.

It was incredibly peaceful in there.  However, I wonder why nobody’s ever thought of putting some floating barges in and having a little concert–it would be a perfect venue.  Well, it’s probably for the best that it remain mostly untouched. 















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