Great Paper Airplane

Thanks to longer days and warm weather, we rolled out a classic, favorite activity for family home evening tonight: paper airplanes.  My oldest son was excited to finally try out the plans for several cool planes in The Dangerous Book For Boys (a must have for every home). 

Those designs were good, but the big winner tonight was this one, dubbed the Rapier, which I found online this afternoon.  For each of us, it performed flawlessly.  It gives the kind of long, steady flight that kids love, and after we’d enjoyed that for a while, we were delighted again to find it easy to tweak: fold up the tips of the wings and/or put a couple of little tears in the backs of the wings for some neat tricks.  Not only will it also do loops, it will give you complete horizontal circles and sharp 180° turns, gliding in for gentle landings.  It’s a simple, durable model, guaranteed to entertain old and young alike. 


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